Palletizing and|Packaging Systems

BEUMER's sophisticated palletizing systems have established new standards of performance with respect to function, types of material handled and overall throughput. BEUMER paletpac® series high-level palletizers with throughputs of more than 4,000 bags per hour are currently in operation all over the world. And robotpac® robotic palletizers with advanced controls and specialized gripper elements allow completion of the most complex palletizing tasks-at rates up to 1900 bags per minute.

BEUMER also has developed a variety of packaging solutions for the protection of palletized unit loads. Whether as protection against weather, load securing for shipping, or assurance of load integrity, BEUMER can offer a load securing system suited to the specific requirement.

BEUMER is proud to introduce the stretch hood®i series-the latest addition to our end-of-line pallet packaging solutions. Its intuitive, intelligent and innovative design incorporates an advanced human-machine-interface (HMI) that reduces training time and improves working conditions. Plus, it cuts energy costs, uses less film and material, while featuring a smaller system footprint and lower installed height to provide a more sustainable solution in today's work environments.

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