Bay State Milling

Bay State Milling, one of the largest milling companies in the US and a leading supplier of quality flour and grain products for more than a century, improved productivity of its Clifton, NJ plant by nearly 30 percent after integrating a BEUMER paletpac® and stretch hood® system into their new flour packaging line.

Due to a need for an increased bagging rate, Bay State also required an increase in palletizing speed to match. In search of a reliable palletizing and packaging platform with minimal maintenance requirements that could be integrated and scheduled around a tight deadline, Bay State turned to BEUMER to address its' pallet packaging challenges. Stack quality and pallet adaptability were also of great importance.

A combination of the BEUMER paletpac® 1800 palletizer and stretch hood® i pallet packaging systems created the Bay State packaging line solution. Providing bagging rates from 1,000 to 1,800 units per hour, with variations capable of handling 5,000 units per hour, this uniquely tailored system supports unique pallet dimensions. With the new system, film rolls are replaced only once a week compared to multiple times daily with their previous system.

BEUMER's modular system design enabled Bay State to install an entirely new packaging line in less than 20 days. The paletpac® and stretch hood® performance and flexibility played an essential role to help Bay State increase plant efficiency from 45% to 75%.